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Optimization models and algorithms for joint uplink-downlink UMTS radio network planning with SIR-based power control

Show simple item record Abdel Khalek A. Al-Kanj L. Dawy Z. Turkiyyah G.
dc.contributor.editor 2011 2017-09-07T07:07:45Z 2017-09-07T07:07:45Z 2011
dc.identifier 10.1109/TVT.2011.2132745
dc.identifier.issn 00189545
dc.description.abstract Universal mobile telecommunication system (UMTS) networks should be deployed according to cost-effective strategies that optimize a cost objective and satisfy target quality-of-service (QoS) requirements. In this paper, we propose novel algorithms for joint uplink-downlink UMTS radio planning with the objective of minimizing total power consumption in the network. Specifically, we define two components of the radio planning problem: 1) continuous-based site placement and 2) integer-based site selection. In the site-placement problem, our goal is to find the optimal locations of UMTS base stations (BSs) in a certain geographic area with a given user distribution to minimize the total power expenditure such that a satisfactory level of downlink and uplink signal-to-interference ratio (SIR) is maintained with bounded outage constraints. We model the problem as a constrained optimization problem with SIR-based uplink and downlink power control scheme. An algorithm is proposed and implemented using pattern search techniques for derivative-free optimization with augmented Lagrange multiplier estimates to support general constraints. In the site-selection problem, we aim to select the minimum set of BSs from a fixed set of candidate sites that satisfies quality and outage constraints. We develop an efficient elimination algorithm by proposing a method for classifying BSs that are critical for network coverage and QoS. Finally, the problem is reformulated to take care of location constraints whereby the placement of BSs in a subset of the deployment area is not permitted due to, e.g., private property limitations or electromagnetic radiation constraints. Experimental results and optimal tradeoff curves are presented and analyzed for various scenarios. © 2011 IEEE.
dc.format.extent Pages: (1612-1625)
dc.language English
dc.publisher PISCATAWAY
dc.relation.ispartof Publication Name: IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology; Publication Year: 2011; Volume: 60; no. 4; Pages: (1612-1625);
dc.source Scopus
dc.title Optimization models and algorithms for joint uplink-downlink UMTS radio network planning with SIR-based power control
dc.type Article
dc.contributor.affiliation Abdel Khalek, A., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712-0240, United States
dc.contributor.affiliation Al-Kanj, L., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, American University of Beirut, Beirut 1107 2020, Lebanon
dc.contributor.affiliation Dawy, Z., Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, American University of Beirut, Beirut 1107 2020, Lebanon
dc.contributor.affiliation Turkiyyah, G., Department of Computer Science, American University of Beirut, Beirut 1107 2020, Lebanon
dc.contributor.authorAddress Abdel Khalek, A.; Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas, Austin, TX 78712-0240, United States; email:
dc.contributor.authorCorporate University: American University of Beirut; Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Architecture; Department: Electrical and Computer Engineering;
dc.contributor.authorDepartment Electrical and Computer Engineering
dc.contributor.authorFaculty Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
dc.contributor.authorInitials Khalek, AA
dc.contributor.authorInitials Al-Kanj, L
dc.contributor.authorInitials Dawy, Z
dc.contributor.authorInitials Turkiyyah, G
dc.contributor.authorReprintAddress Khalek, AA (reprint author), Univ Texas Austin, Dept Elect and Comp Engn, Austin, TX 78712 USA.
dc.contributor.authorUniversity American University of Beirut
dc.description.cited Amaldi E, 2003, IEEE T WIREL COMMUN, V2, P939, DOI 10.1109-TWC.2003.817438; AMALDI E, 2003, P IEEE WCNC MAR, P827; AMALDI E, 2001, P IEEE VEH TECHN C O, P920; Amaldi E, 2008, WIREL NETW, V14, P435, DOI 10.1007-s11276-006-0729-3; [Anonymous], 1998, HLTH PHYS, V74, P494; [Anonymous], 1999, C951 IEEE; CALEGARI P, 1997, P 47 IEEE C VEH TECH, V2, P755; CALEGARIE P, 1996, P ACTS MOB COMM SUMM, P707; Catarinucci L, 2003, IEEE T MICROW THEORY, V51, P935, DOI 10.1109-TMTT.2003.808695; CONN AR, 1991, SIAM J NUMER ANAL, V28, P545, DOI 10.1137-0728030; Crainic TG, 2006, IEEE WIREL COMMUN, V13, P34, DOI 10.1109-MWC.2006.275196; DICHIARA B, 2005, P EMC EUR WORKSH ROM; Dolan ED, 2003, SIAM J OPTIMIZ, V14, P567, DOI 10.1037-S1052623400374495; EISENBLATTER A, 2004, P WIOPT CAMBR UK MAR; Eisenblatter A, 2006, IEEE WIREL COMMUN, V13, P8, DOI 10.1109-MWC.2006.275193; Eisenblatter A., 2002, ZR0216 ZIB; Holma H, 2000, WCDMA UMTS; Kalvenes J, 2006, INFORMS J COMPUT, V18, P366, DOI 10.1287-ijoc.1040.0129; Laiho J., 2006, RADIO NETWORK PLANNI; LEWIS RM, 1998, OPTIMA, V59, P1; Lewis RM, 2002, SIAM J OPTIMIZ, V12, P1075, DOI 10.1137-S1052623498339727; Matha B., 1999, RADIO PROPAGATION CE; Mishra A. R., 2004, FUNDAMENTALS CELLULA; Osepchuk JM, 2001, IEEE MICROW MAG, V2, P57, DOI 10.1109-6668.924919
dc.description.citedCount 10
dc.description.citedTotWOSCount 4
dc.description.citedWOSCount 4
dc.format.extentCount 14
dc.identifier.articleNo 5739544
dc.identifier.coden ITVTA
dc.identifier.scopusID 79955957265
dc.publisher.address 445 HOES LANE, PISCATAWAY, NJ 08855-4141 USA
dc.relation.ispartOfISOAbbr IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol.
dc.relation.ispartOfIssue 4
dc.relation.ispartofPubTitle IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology
dc.relation.ispartofPubTitleAbbr IEEE Trans. Veh. Technol.
dc.relation.ispartOfVolume 60
dc.source.ID WOS:000290539000027
dc.type.publication Journal
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Cellular network planning
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword electromagnetic (EM) radiation exposure
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword network deployment
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword network optimization
dc.subject.otherIndex Cellular Network Planning
dc.subject.otherIndex Constrained optimization problems
dc.subject.otherIndex Derivative-free optimization
dc.subject.otherIndex Downlink power control
dc.subject.otherIndex electromagnetic (EM) radiation exposure
dc.subject.otherIndex Electromagnetic radiation
dc.subject.otherIndex General constraints
dc.subject.otherIndex Geographic areas
dc.subject.otherIndex Location constraints
dc.subject.otherIndex Network coverage
dc.subject.otherIndex Network deployment
dc.subject.otherIndex network optimization
dc.subject.otherIndex Novel algorithm
dc.subject.otherIndex Optimal locations
dc.subject.otherIndex Optimal tradeoffs
dc.subject.otherIndex Optimization models
dc.subject.otherIndex Pattern search
dc.subject.otherIndex Private property
dc.subject.otherIndex Radio Planning
dc.subject.otherIndex Signal-to-interference ratio
dc.subject.otherIndex SIR-based power control
dc.subject.otherIndex Total power
dc.subject.otherIndex Total power consumption
dc.subject.otherIndex Two-component
dc.subject.otherIndex UMTS base stations
dc.subject.otherIndex UMTS radio networks
dc.subject.otherIndex Universal mobile telecommunication systems
dc.subject.otherIndex Algorithms
dc.subject.otherIndex Cellular neural networks
dc.subject.otherIndex Electromagnetic waves
dc.subject.otherIndex Electromagnetism
dc.subject.otherIndex Lagrange multipliers
dc.subject.otherIndex Mobile telecommunication systems
dc.subject.otherIndex Outages
dc.subject.otherIndex Power control
dc.subject.otherIndex Quality of service
dc.subject.otherIndex Site selection
dc.subject.otherIndex Telecommunication links
dc.subject.otherIndex Telecommunication traffic
dc.subject.otherIndex Constrained optimization
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus GENERAL CONSTRAINTS
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus STATION LOCATION
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus PATTERN SEARCH
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus SIMPLE BOUNDS
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus EXPOSURE
dc.subject.otherWOS Engineering, Electrical and Electronic
dc.subject.otherWOS Telecommunications
dc.subject.otherWOS Transportation Science and Technology

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