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Turbulence during H- and L-mode plasmas in the scrape-off layer of the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak

Show simple item record Antar G.Y. Tsalas M. Wolfrum E. Rohde V.
dc.contributor.editor 2008 2017-10-04T10:31:42Z 2017-10-04T10:31:42Z 2008
dc.identifier 10.1088/0741-3335/50/9/095012
dc.identifier.issn 07413335
dc.description.abstract We present evidence showing that the statistical properties of turbulence in the scrape-off layer (SOL) are not modified in a high-confinement mode (H-mode) inbetween edge-localized modes (ELMs) with respect to a low confinement mode (L-mode). The plasma being in the upper-single null magnetic configuration, the reciprocating probe around the bottom X-point is used to characterize in the same discharge the low and the high-field SOL. In H-mode inbetween ELMs, the average value and the standard deviation of the ion saturation current are found very close to values in L-mode. The normalized standard deviation is found to have the same values as in L-mode independently of the probe position. The probability distribution function is found similar in the two regimes reflecting the fact that the two transport processes, diffusion and convection, are not modified with respect to each other. The power spectra were also found similar, indicating the same distribution of the turbulence intensity among the scales in L- and H-modes. The plasma profiles in the SOL, determined using the lithium beam diagnostic, were found to have the same shape as a function of the radial position also reflecting the non-modification of the transport properties in L- and H-modes. © 2008 IOP Publishing Ltd.
dc.language English
dc.publisher BRISTOL
dc.relation.ispartof Publication Name: Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion; Publication Year: 2008; Volume: 50; no. 9;
dc.source Scopus
dc.title Turbulence during H- and L-mode plasmas in the scrape-off layer of the ASDEX Upgrade tokamak
dc.type Article
dc.contributor.affiliation Antar, G.Y., American University of Beirut, Riad El-Solh, Beirut 1107 2020, Lebanon
dc.contributor.affiliation Tsalas, M., Max-Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik, Boltzmannstrasse 7, 85748 Garching, Germany
dc.contributor.affiliation Wolfrum, E., Max-Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik, Boltzmannstrasse 7, 85748 Garching, Germany
dc.contributor.affiliation Rohde, V., Max-Planck Institut für Plasmaphysik, Boltzmannstrasse 7, 85748 Garching, Germany
dc.contributor.authorAddress Antar, G. Y.; American University of Beirut, Riad El-Solh, Beirut 1107 2020, Lebanon
dc.contributor.authorCorporate University: American University of Beirut; Faculty: Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Department: Physics;
dc.contributor.authorDepartment Physics
dc.contributor.faculty Faculty of Arts and Sciences
dc.contributor.authorInitials Antar, GY
dc.contributor.authorInitials Tsalas, M
dc.contributor.authorInitials Wolfrum, E
dc.contributor.authorInitials Rohde, V
dc.contributor.authorReprintAddress Antar, GY (reprint author), Amer Univ Beirut, Beirut 11072020, Lebanon.
dc.contributor.authorUniversity American University of Beirut
dc.description.cited Antar GY, 2007, PHYS PLASMAS, V14, DOI 10.1063-1.2424886; Antar GY, 2003, PHYS PLASMAS, V10, P419, DOI 10.1063-1.1536166; Antar GY, 2001, PHYS REV LETT, V87, DOI 10.1103-PhysRevLett.87.065001; Antar GY, 2005, PHYS PLASMAS, V12, DOI 10.1063-1.1953592; Antar GY, 2003, PHYS PLASMAS, V10, P3629, DOI 10.1063-1.1599855; BIGLARI H, 1989, PHYS FLUIDS B-PLASMA, V1, P109, DOI 10.1063-1.859206; Carter TA, 2006, PHYS PLASMAS, V13, DOI 10.1063-1.2158929; Garcia OE, 2005, PHYS PLASMAS, V12, DOI 10.1063-1.2044487; Gruber O, 2001, NUCL FUSION, V41, P1369, DOI 10.1088-0029-5515-41-10-306; Kirk A, 2005, PLASMA PHYS CONTR F, V47, P995, DOI 10.1088-0741-3335-47-7-003; Krasheninnikov SI, 2001, PHYS LETT A, V283, P368, DOI 10.1016-S0375-9601(01)00252-3; Krasheninnikov SI, 2005, PHYS PLASMAS, V12, DOI 10.1063-1.1940061; Kurzan B, 2005, PHYS REV LETT, V95, DOI 10.1103-PhysRevLett.95.145001; Kurzan B, 2007, PLASMA PHYS CONTR F, V49, P825, DOI 10.1088-0741-3335-49-6-010; Moyer RA, 1999, PLASMA PHYS CONTR F, V41, P243, DOI 10.1088-0741-3335-41-2-007; Pigarov AY, 2002, PHYS PLASMAS, V9, P1287, DOI 10.1063-1.1459059; Rudakov DL, 2002, PLASMA PHYS CONTR F, V44, P717, DOI 10.1088-0741-3335-44-6-308; Rudakov DL, 2005, NUCL FUSION, V45, P1589, DOI 10.1088-0029-5515-45-12-014; Tsalas M, 2005, J NUCL MATER, V337, P751, DOI 10.1016-j.jnucmat.2004.09.027; van Milligen BP, 2005, PHYS PLASMAS, V12, DOI 10.1063-1.1884615; WAGNER F, 1982, PHYS REV LETT, V49, P1408, DOI 10.1103-PhysRevLett.49.1408; Xu YH, 2005, PLASMA PHYS CONTR F, V47, P1841, DOI 10.1088-0741-3335-47-10-014
dc.description.citedCount 3
dc.description.citedTotWOSCount 8
dc.description.citedWOSCount 8
dc.format.extentCount 1
dc.identifier.articleNo 95012
dc.identifier.coden PLPHB
dc.identifier.scopusID 51849112431
dc.relation.ispartOfISOAbbr Plasma Phys. Control. Fusion
dc.relation.ispartOfIssue 9
dc.relation.ispartofPubTitle Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion
dc.relation.ispartofPubTitleAbbr Plasma Phys Controlled Fusion
dc.relation.ispartOfVolume 50
dc.source.ID WOS:000258475400012
dc.type.publication Journal
dc.subject.otherIndex Colloids
dc.subject.otherIndex Distribution functions
dc.subject.otherIndex Fusion reactors
dc.subject.otherIndex Health
dc.subject.otherIndex Lithium
dc.subject.otherIndex Modernization
dc.subject.otherIndex Plasmas
dc.subject.otherIndex Probability distributions
dc.subject.otherIndex Sols
dc.subject.otherIndex Standards
dc.subject.otherIndex Statistics
dc.subject.otherIndex Tokamak devices
dc.subject.otherIndex Transport properties
dc.subject.otherIndex Turbulence
dc.subject.otherIndex ASDEX-upgrade
dc.subject.otherIndex Beam diagnostics
dc.subject.otherIndex Edge-localized modes
dc.subject.otherIndex H
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus CONVECTIVE-TRANSPORT
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus DIII-D
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus INTERMITTENCY
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus CONFINEMENT
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus BOUNDARY
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus DIVERTOR
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus DEVICES
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus EDGE
dc.subject.otherWOS Physics, Fluids and Plasmas
dc.subject.otherWOS Physics, Nuclear

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