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Stress-strain model for fiber-reinforced polymer jacketed concrete columns

Show simple item record Harajli M.H. Hantouche E. Soudki K.
dc.contributor.editor 2006 2017-10-04T11:04:50Z 2017-10-04T11:04:50Z 2006
dc.identifier.issn 08893241
dc.description.abstract The stress-strain behavior of reinforced polymer (FRP) confined concrete columns was experimentally and analytically investigated, with particular emphasis on rectangular column sections. A new design-oriented model of the stress-strain response of FRP confined columns was developed and an experimental study was carried out for deriving the model characteristic parameters. The test variables included the volumetric ratio of the FRP jackets, the aspect ratio of the column section, and the area of longitudinal and lateral steel reinforcement. It was found that jacketing rectangular column sections with FRP sheets increases their axial strength and ductility. In reinforced concrete columns, the FRP jackets prevent premature failure of the concrete cover and buckling of the steel bars, leading to substantially improved performance. The corresponding improvements become less significant as the aspect ratio of the column section increases. The rate of increase in concrete lateral strain with axial strain is influenced by the stiffness of the FRP jackets and aspect ratio of the column sections. Based on the results of this investigation, the main parameters that control the stress and strain characteristics of FRP-confined rectangular column sections were discussed, and a general design model of the stress-strain response of FRP-confined concrete was generated. The results predicted by the model showed very good agreement with the results of the current experimental program and other test data of FRP-confined circular and rectangular columns reported in the literature. Copyright © 2006, American Concrete Institute. All rights reserved.
dc.format.extent Pages: (672-682)
dc.language English
dc.relation.ispartof Publication Name: ACI Structural Journal; Publication Year: 2006; Volume: 103; no. 5; Pages: (672-682);
dc.source Scopus
dc.title Stress-strain model for fiber-reinforced polymer jacketed concrete columns
dc.type Article
dc.contributor.affiliation Harajli, M.H., Department of Civil Engineering, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
dc.contributor.affiliation Hantouche, E., Samir Khairalla and Partners, Lebanon
dc.contributor.affiliation Soudki, K., Department of Innovative Structural Rehabilitation, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, ON, Canada
dc.contributor.authorAddress Harajli, M.H.; Department of Civil Engineering, American University of Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon
dc.contributor.authorCorporate University: American University of Beirut; Faculty: Faculty of Engineering and Architecture; Department: Civil and Environmental Engineering;
dc.contributor.authorDepartment Civil and Environmental Engineering
dc.contributor.faculty Faculty of Engineering and Architecture
dc.contributor.authorInitials Harajli, MH
dc.contributor.authorInitials Hantouche, E
dc.contributor.authorInitials Soudki, K
dc.contributor.authorReprintAddress Harajli, MH (reprint author), Amer Univ Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon.
dc.contributor.authorUniversity American University of Beirut
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dc.description.citedCount 30
dc.description.citedTotWOSCount 35
dc.description.citedWOSCount 35
dc.format.extentCount 11
dc.identifier.coden ASTJE
dc.identifier.scopusID 33748611345
dc.publisher.address 38800 INTERNATIONAL WAY, COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE, PO BOX 9094, FARMINGTON HILLS, MI 48333-9094 USA
dc.relation.ispartOfISOAbbr ACI Struct. J.
dc.relation.ispartOfIssue 5
dc.relation.ispartofPubTitle ACI Structural Journal
dc.relation.ispartofPubTitleAbbr ACI Struct J
dc.relation.ispartOfVolume 103
dc.source.ID WOS:000239862200004
dc.type.publication Journal
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Columns
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Confined concrete
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Ductility
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Fiber-reinforced concrete
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Polymer
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Strain
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Stress
dc.subject.otherIndex Aspect ratio
dc.subject.otherIndex Buckling
dc.subject.otherIndex Fiber reinforced plastics
dc.subject.otherIndex Mathematical models
dc.subject.otherIndex Reinforced concrete
dc.subject.otherIndex Reinforcement
dc.subject.otherIndex Stress analysis
dc.subject.otherIndex Rectangular column sections
dc.subject.otherIndex Stress-strain model
dc.subject.otherIndex Columns (structural)
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus FRP-CONFINED CONCRETE
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus RECTANGULAR COLUMNS
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus BEHAVIOR
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus STRENGTH
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus COMPOSITES
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus DUCTILITY
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus SHEETS
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus TUBES
dc.subject.otherWOS Construction and Building Technology
dc.subject.otherWOS Engineering, Civil
dc.subject.otherWOS Materials Science, Multidisciplinary

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