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The cost of being palestinian in Lebanon

Show simple item record Abdulrahim S. Khawaja M.
dc.contributor.editor 2011 2017-10-18T13:33:53Z 2017-10-18T13:33:53Z 2011
dc.identifier 10.1080/1369183X.2011.521363
dc.description.abstract For over 60 years, long-term Palestinian refugees have been largely excluded from participating in the Lebanese labour force, yet no study has examined the socio-economic consequences of such exclusion. Utilising data from a survey conducted in three low-income urban neighbourhoods in Beirut in 2002, this paper provides a descriptive analysis of the cost of being Palestinian in Lebanon. Our findings reveal that, while exclusionary policies have not been successful at completely barring Palestinians from participating in the Lebanese labour force, this participation takes place at a cost. Palestinian men are segregated into less-desirable segments of the mainstream economy and earn lower wages than Lebanese men in virtually all educational and occupational categories. While Palestinian women are also segregated, they are more represented in professional occupations and in the health and social service sector. Nonetheless, this group pays the highest cost in wages due to the accumulated disadvantage of being Palestinian and female in the Lebanese context. © 2011 Taylor and Francis.
dc.format.extent Pages: (151-166)
dc.language English
dc.publisher ABINGDON
dc.relation.ispartof Publication Name: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies; Publication Year: 2011; Volume: 37; no. 1; Pages: (151-166);
dc.source Scopus
dc.title The cost of being palestinian in Lebanon
dc.type Article
dc.contributor.affiliation Abdulrahim, S., Dept of Epidemiology and Population Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, American University of Beirut, Van Dyck Building, PO Box 11-0236, Beirut, Lebanon
dc.contributor.affiliation Khawaja, M., Dept of Epidemiology and Population Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, American University of Beirut, Van Dyck Building, PO Box 11-0236, Beirut, Lebanon
dc.contributor.authorAddress Abdulrahim, S.; Dept of Epidemiology and Population Health, Faculty of Health Sciences, American University of Beirut, Van Dyck Building, PO Box 11-0236, Beirut, Lebanon; email:
dc.contributor.authorCorporate University: American University of Beirut; Faculty: Faculty of Health Sciences; Department: Epidemiology and Population Health;
dc.contributor.authorDepartment Epidemiology and Population Health
dc.contributor.faculty Faculty of Health Sciences
dc.contributor.authorInitials Abdulrahim, S
dc.contributor.authorInitials Khawaja, M
dc.contributor.authorReprintAddress Abdulrahim, S (reprint author), Amer Univ Beirut, Dept Hlth Behav and Educ, Fac Hlth Sci, Van Dyck Bldg,POB 11-0236, Beirut, Lebanon.
dc.contributor.authorUniversity American University of Beirut
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dc.description.citedTotWOSCount 1
dc.description.citedWOSCount 1
dc.format.extentCount 16
dc.identifier.scopusID 78149370348
dc.relation.ispartOfISOAbbr J. Ethn. Migr. Stud.
dc.relation.ispartOfIssue 1
dc.relation.ispartofPubTitle Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies
dc.relation.ispartofPubTitleAbbr J. Ethn. Migr. Stud.
dc.relation.ispartOfVolume 37
dc.source.ID WOS:000283881500009
dc.type.publication Journal
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Labour Force Segregation
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Lebanon
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Palestinian Refugees
dc.subject.otherAuthKeyword Unequal Wages
dc.subject.otherIndex labor participation
dc.subject.otherIndex neighborhood
dc.subject.otherIndex occupation
dc.subject.otherIndex refugee
dc.subject.otherIndex social exclusion
dc.subject.otherIndex social segregation
dc.subject.otherIndex wage determination
dc.subject.otherIndex Beirut
dc.subject.otherIndex Beyrouth
dc.subject.otherIndex Lebanon
dc.subject.otherIndex Palestine
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus LABOR-MARKETS
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus INCOME INEQUALITY
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus ENCLAVE ECONOMY
dc.subject.otherKeywordPlus RACE
dc.subject.otherWOS Demography
dc.subject.otherWOS Ethnic Studies

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