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السجلات العثمانية لغير المسلمين في الولايات العربية

Show simple item record Abu-Husayn, Abdul Rahim 2016 2021-05-06T12:00:09Z 2021-05-06T12:00:09Z
dc.identifier.citation Abu-Husayn, Abdul Rahim. السجلات العثمانية لغير المسلمين في الولايات العربية. Amman: The Royal Institute for Inter-faith Studies, 2016.
dc.description.abstract Historical Documents indicates that the Ottoman Empire’s relation with its Christian subjects had more of an administrative or legal nature rather than an ideological one. Although this administration was just one of many aspects of the relations between the Ottoman Christian communities and the state, studying the legal decrees issued by Ottoman governors can be essential to understanding how the Empire itself viewed these relations. In doing so, a researcher can easily distinguish between the policy of the central Ottoman government and that of the local governors of the Empire subdivisions.
dc.publisher The Royal Institute for Inter-faith Studies
dc.subject.ddc 275.6:A968sA
dc.title السجلات العثمانية لغير المسلمين في الولايات العربية
dc.type Book

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