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  • Qamhieh N.; Mahmoud S.T.; Ayesh A.I.; Ghamlouche H. (WEINHEIMBOSCHSTRASSE 12, D-69469 WEINHEIM, GERMANY, 2012)
    The capacitance variation as a function of temperature and electric field for tellurium free Ge15Sb85 thin films deposited by the DC sputtering technique is investigated. The capacitance measurements were performed for a ...
  • Mahmoud S.T.; Qamhieh N.; Ayesh A.I.; Ghamlouche H.; El-Shaer M. (BUCHAREST-MAGURELE1 ATOMISTILOR ST, PO BOX MG-5, BUCHAREST-MAGURELE 76900, ROMANIA, 2011)
    In this work we investigate the electrical and optical properties of Ge15Sb85 thin films prepared by a DC sputtering technique. The phase transition of Te-free films was studied using resistance-temperature measurements. ...
  • Ghamlouche H.; Mahmoud S.T.; Qamhieh N.; Ayesh A. (STAFA-ZURICHLAUBLSRUTISTR 24, CH-8717 STAFA-ZURICH, SWITZERLAND, 2011)
    The electrical and optical characteristics of indium doped Se 2Sb2Te6 phase-change alloy are studied. It is found that adding indium to Se2Sb2Te6 alloy (In0.3Se2Sb2Te6) increased the crystallization temperature and reduced ...
  • Ayesh A.I.; Thaker S.; Qamhieh N.; Ghamlouche H. (, 2011)
    We report on the fabrication of palladium (Pd) nanoclusters using a dc magnetron sputtering source. The sputtering source produces ionized nanoclusters that enable the study of the nanoclusters' size distribution using a ...
  • Ayesh A.I.; Qamhieh N.; Mahmoud S.T.; Ghamlouche H.; Al-Gaferi A.; Omar A.A. (, 2012)
    Size-selected palladium nanoclusters have been produced by dc sputtering and inert gas condensation technique using mixtures of argon and helium gases. By controlling the source parameters, it was possible to produce Pd ...

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