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  • Abi Saad G.S.; Musallam K.M.; Kazzi A.A.; Korban Z.R.; Reslan O.M.; Mneimne M. (BASELALLSCHWILERSTRASSE 10, CH-4009 BASEL, SWITZERLAND, 2009)
    [No abstract available]
  • Tawil A.N.; Boulos F.I.; Chakhachiro Z.I.; Otrock Z.K.; Kandaharian L.; El Saghir N.S.; Abi Saad G.S. (HOBOKEN111 RIVER ST, HOBOKEN 07030-5774, NJ USA, 2012)
    Male breast cancer (MaleBC) is a rare tumor that has been insufficiently described in the Middle East. The purpose of this study is to report the first MaleBC series in Lebanon, describing its clinicopathologic and ...
  • Khreiss M.; Karam J.; Musallam K.M.; Al Harakeh A.B.; Nasr V.G.; Abi Saad G.S. (NEW YORK360 PARK AVE SOUTH, NEW YORK, NY 10010-1710 USA, 2009)
    Diaphragmatic hernias are well-known sequelae of abdominal and chest wall trauma. However, they may go undiagnosed in the acute setting but present later due to gastrointestinal or respiratory complications. A distinctive ...
  • Abi Saad G.S.; Hussein M.; El-Saghir N.S.; Termos S.; Sharara A.I.; Shamseddine A. (TOKYO1-11-11 KUDAN-KITA, CHIYODA-KU, TOKYO, 102-0073, JAPAN, 2011)
    Splenic metastases are unusual, arising in less than 1percent of all metastases. Isolated solitary splenic metastasis from colorectal carcinoma is considered exceptional. This rarity has been explained by several hypotheses ...
  • Hussein M.; Khreiss M.; Al-Helou G.; Alaeddine M.; Elias E.; Abi Saad G.S. (PHILADELPHIA530 WALNUT ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19106-3621 USA, 2012)
    An internal hernia is any protrusion of a solid organ or a hollow viscus through a defect within the abdominal cavity. Paraduodenal hernias (PDHs) are rare; however, they are the most common form of internal hernias. We ...
  • Abi Saad G.S.; Alaeddine M.H.; Khalil I.M.; Bou-Khalil P.K.; Musallam K.M.; Taher A.T. (PHILADELPHIA530 WALNUT ST, PHILADELPHIA, PA 19106-3621 USA, 2009)
    [No abstract available]
  • Karam J.; Khreiss M.; Musallam K.M.; Alaeddine M.H.; Al-Kutoubi A.; Abi Saad G.S. (LONDONBRITISH MED ASSOC HOUSE, TAVISTOCK SQUARE, LONDON WC1H 9JR, ENGLAND, 2009)
    Blunt abdominal trauma is a rare cause of small bowel intussusception in adults. A patient is described who presented with signs and symptoms of intestinal obstruction following a fall from a ladder. A CT scan revealed ...
  • Saad G.S.A.; Musallam K.M.; Korban Z.R.; Reslan O.M.; Mneimne M. (NEW ROCHELLE140 HUGUENOT STREET, 3RD FL, NEW ROCHELLE, NY 10801 USA, 2009)
    A 53-year-old woman presented with an enlarging mass in the medial aspect of her right thigh. Magnetic resonance imaging suggested an intramuscular hydatid cyst. The cyst was surgically excised. Although muscular hydatidinosis ...
  • Saad G.S.A.; Musallam K.M.; Taher A.T. (MALDENCOMMERCE PLACE, 350 MAIN ST, MALDEN 02148, MA USA, 2011)
    Background: Unlike patients with β-thalassaemia major, where lifelong transfusion and iron chelation therapy are necessary for survival, patients with β-thalassaemia intermedia (TI) generally have a milder course and ...
  • Abi Saad G.S.; Musallam K.M.; Karam J.; Al-Kutoubi A.; Tawil A.N.; Sharara A.I. (LONDONBRITISH MED ASSOC HOUSE, TAVISTOCK SQUARE, LONDON WC1H 9JR, ENGLAND, 2008)
    [No abstract available]

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