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  • Chahine L.M.; Chemali Z. (SAN DIEGO525 B ST, STE 1900, SAN DIEGO, CA 92101-4495 USA, 2006)
    Pathologic laughter and crying (PLC) is the involuntary occurrence of laughter and crying in the absence of a corresponding change in affect. PLC resulting from structural brain damage in patients with traumatic brain ...
  • Khoury B.; Musallam K.M.; Abi-Habib R.; Bazzi L.; Koussa S.; Taher A.T.; Al Ward Z.; Succar J.; Halawi R.; Hankir A. (AMITYVILLE26 AUSTIN AVE, PO BOX 337, AMITYVILLE, NY 11701 USA, 2012)
    Objective: To evaluate and compare the prevalence and risk factors for anxiety and depression in adults with β-thalassemia major (TM) and intermedia (TI). Method: A cross-sectional study of TI and TM patients at a Chronic ...
  • Terracciano A.; Abdel-Khalek A.M.; Adam N.; Adamovova L.; Ahn C.-K.; Ahn H.-N.; Alansari B.M.; Alcalay L.; Allik J.; Angleitner A.; Avia M.D.; Ayearst L.E.; Barbaranelli C.; Beer A.; Borg-Cunen M.A.; Bratko D.; Brunner-Sciarra M.; Budzinski L.; Camart N.; Dahourou D.; De Fruyt F.; De Lima M.P.; Del Pilar G.E.H.; Diener E.; Falzon R.; Fernando K.; Fickova E.; Fischer R.; Flores-Mendoza C.; Ghayur M.A.; Gulgoz S.; Hagberg B.; Halberstadt J.; Halim M.S.; Hrebickova M.; Humrichouse J.; Jensen H.H.; Jocic D.D.; Jonsson F.H.; Khoury B.; Klinkosz W.; Knezevic G.; Lauri H.A.; Leibovich N.; Martin T.A.; Marusic I.; Mastor K.A.; Matsumoto D.; McRorie M.; Meshcheriakov B.; Mortensen E.L.; Munyae M.; Nagy J.; Nakazato K.; Nansubuga F.; Oishi S.; Ojedokun A.O.; Ostendorf F.; Paulhus D.L.; Pelevin S.; Petot J.-M.; Podobnik N.; Porrata J.L.; Pramila V.S.; Prentice C.; Realo A.; Reategui N.; Rolland J.-P.; Rossier J.; Ruch W.; Rus V.S.; Sanchez-Bernardos M.L.; Schmidt V.; Sciculna-Calleja S.; Sekowski A.; Shakespeare-Finch J.; Shimonaka Y.; Simonetti F.; Sineshaw T.; Siuta J.; Smith P.B.; Trapnell P.D.; Trobst K.K.; Wang L.; Yik M.; Zupancic A.; McCrae R.R. (WASHINGTON1200 NEW YORK AVE, NW, WASHINGTON, DC 20005 USA, 2005)
    Most people hold beliefs about personality characteristics typical of members of their own and others' cultures. These perceptions of national character may be generalizations from personal experience, stereotypes with a ...
    This paper presents the psychometric properties of the Lebanese version of the Childhood Autism Rating Scale Second Edition, High Functioning Version (CARS2-HF). The participants consisted of 30 children aged 6-18 years ...

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