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Department of Education-EDU218-Children's books

Department of Education-EDU218-Children's books


This is a collection of books created by the students in the department of education as a final project for the course EDU218.

Recent Submissions

  • Al-Hajj Hussein, Tala (2023-04)
    The story "The Magical Necklace" is about the power of forgiveness and the importance of treating others with kindness and respect. The story follows Lara, a new girl in town who is initially bullied by one of her new ...
  • Hamd, Yasmine (Yasmine Hamd, 2023-04)
    This book is influenced by a real story of a girl who was bullied for her widow's peak hairline. By re-telling the story in a unique way, this book aims to promote appreciation of diversity amongst children.
  • Hammour, Ghalia (2023-05-02)
    The story revolves around a Japanese child who was celebrating his birthday in London with his friends. Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and he was the only one to realize that it was an earthquake, a common occurrence ...
  • Zantout, Malak (2023-04-29)
    This book is dedicated to children who experienced the recent Earthquake that shook Lebanon and other neighboring countries. It's informative, educating children about what earthquakes are and how to protect themselves from them.
  • Ghazzaoui, Leen (2023-04-28)
    Asma is a young girl who loves to run, but her anxiety and fear of failure sometimes make her doubt herself. When her coach invites her to participate in a competition, Asma is excited but also worried that she might not ...
  • Badih, Leen (American University of Beirut, 2023-04-12)
  • Badr, Rayan; Badr, Omar; Baalbaki, Ruba (AUB libraries, 2023-04)
    In this story, a group of five students with a passion for science and experimentation struggle with a lack of motivation towards reading and literature. Their teacher takes them on a field trip to the local library in ...
  • My Hijab 
    Hassoun, Noura (2023-04-26)
  • Frizzy 
    Charif, Tala; Grade 5 Students of Amine Bayhom School Al Namouzajiyah (2023-04)
    The book tackles the importance of self love and acceptance through the journey of Reem, a little girl, accepting her curly hair. The illustrations are done by the Grade 5 students of the Amine Bayhom School Al Namouzajiyah.
  • El Souki, Nour; Haidar, Mariam (2020)
  • Jomaa, Mona (2020)
  • Moati, Yasmina (2020)
  • Al Sarih, Rayan (2020)
  • Orfali, Dana (2020)
  • Kharbotli, Dana (2020)
  • El Rajab, Tatiana (2020)
  • Fakhoury, Yasmina (2020)
  • Taha, Nahla (American University of Beirut, 2020)
  • Bakkar, Nour (American University of Beirut, 2020)
  • Saad, Lynn; Acra, Lynn (American University of Beirut, 2020)

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