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Health and ecological sustainability in the Arab world: A matter of survival

Show simple item record El-Zein, Abbas Jabbour, Samer Tekce, Belgin Zurayk, Huda Nuwayhid, Iman Khawaja, Marwan Tell, Tariq Al Mooji, Yusuf De-Jong, Jocelyn Yassin, Nasser Hogan, Dennis 2023-02-07T10:16:17Z 2023-02-07T10:16:17Z 2014-02-01
dc.identifier.citation El-Zein, Abbas, Dr, et al. "Health and Ecological Sustainability in the Arab World: A Matter of Survival." The Lancet (British Edition), vol. 383, no. 9915, 2014, pp. 458-476.
dc.identifier.issn 0140-6736
dc.description.abstract Discussions leading to the Rio+20 UN conference have emphasised the importance of sustainable development and the protection of the environment for future generations. The Arab world faces large-scale threats to its sustainable development and, most of all, to the viability and existence of the ecological systems for its human settlements. The dynamics of population change, ecological degradation, and resource scarcity, and development policies and practices, all occurring in complex and highly unstable geopolitical and economic environments, are fostering the poor prospects. In this report, we discuss the most pertinent population–environment–development dynamics in the Arab world, and the two-way interactions between these dynamics and health, on the basis of current data. We draw attention to trends that are relevant to health professionals and researchers, but emphasise that the dynamics generating these trends have implications that go well beyond health. We argue that the current discourse on health, population, and development in the Arab world has largely failed to convey a sense of urgency, when the survival of whole communities is at stake. The dismal ecological and development records of Arab countries over the past two decades call for new directions. We suggest that regional ecological integration around exchange of water, energy, food, and labour, though politically difficult to achieve, offers the best hope to improve the adaptive capacity of individual Arab nations. The transformative political changes taking place in the Arab world offer promise, indeed an imperative, for such renewal. We call on policy makers, researchers, practitioners, and international agencies to emphasise the urgency and take action.
dc.language.iso en
dc.publisher Elsevier Ltd
dc.subject Arab
dc.subject climate change
dc.subject cultural anthropology
dc.subject developing country
dc.subject ecology
dc.subject environmental factor
dc.subject environmental sustainability
dc.subject food security
dc.subject health practitioner
dc.subject hydropower
dc.subject international cooperation
dc.subject population
dc.subject poverty
dc.subject priority journal
dc.subject survival
dc.subject sustainable development
dc.subject urban population
dc.subject war
dc.title Health and ecological sustainability in the Arab world: A matter of survival
dc.type Article

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