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Hijacking Lebanon’s Workforce: Labor Issues, the Neoliberal Development Agenda and Social Change

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dc.contributor.advisor Mouawad, Jamil Awad, Noel Rose 2023-05-17T04:54:14Z 2023-05-17T04:54:14Z 2023-05-17 2023-05-16
dc.description.abstract This study examines the labor market crisis in Lebanon, rooted in historical policymaking failures and exacerbated by the recent economic collapse. It explores the role of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), particularly their exploitation of skilled labor, in perpetuating the crisis by employing a significant proportion of the youth workforce in short-term crisis response instead of the long-term development of a productive economy. The research traces the origins of the weak labor market back to the silk trade in Mount Lebanon, the post-war reconstruction era, and the 2019 economic collapse. The investigation highlights the detrimental impact of neoliberal policies on the job market, leading to a severe brain drain phenomenon due to an oversupply of graduates and insufficient job opportunities. Utilizing a case study approach, the project scrutinizes the services offered by Daleel Madani, a civil directory platform, questioning its claims of independence from donor funding and examining its contribution to the proliferation of the civil society space. The study aims to understand how Daleel Madani has effectively replaced the National Employment Agency (NEA) while simultaneously undermining its necessity. The analysis seeks to reveal the factors that have led to a non-productive economy and labor market in Lebanon and assess the potential benefits of reviving the NEA. By doing so, the research aims to offer insights into alternative solutions for addressing the labor market crisis and fostering a more sustainable and productive economic landscape.
dc.language.iso en
dc.subject civil society
dc.subject NGOs
dc.subject non-governmental organizations
dc.subject national employment
dc.subject labor issues
dc.subject labor history
dc.subject neoliberal policymaking
dc.subject capitalism
dc.subject development agenda
dc.subject Levant
dc.subject Lebanon
dc.title Hijacking Lebanon’s Workforce: Labor Issues, the Neoliberal Development Agenda and Social Change
dc.type Student Project
dc.contributor.department Department of Political Studies and Public Administration
dc.contributor.faculty Faculty of Arts and Sciences
dc.contributor.commembers Bou Khater, Lea MA
dc.contributor.AUBidnumber 201921768

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