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  • Shebli, Rabih; Chmaitelly, Hala (2010)
    Recognizing that the AUB Campus is blocked from its surrounding neighborhood, students were asked to come up with creative ways to overcome this separation and to increase interaction between AUB and its neighbors. Students ...
  • Neighborhood Initiative; Al Naghi, Hani (2010)
    A compilation of the various GIS (Geographic Information Systems) layers that were used in different studies conducted as part of the AUB Neighborhood Initiative program. Data has been gathered from research and students' work.
  • Sibai, Abla (2010)
    A feasibility study comprising focus group discussions, an alumni survey, and a review of the experience of other programs convinced AUB that a peer-led educational and cultural program for older adults at AUB would be ...
  • Myntti, Cynthia (2010)
    This Neighborhood Initiative report examines the problem of the lack of affordable housing near AUB, and recommends measures to address the problem.
  • El-Fadel, Mutassim (2011)
    This student research (Final Year Project, Civil and Environmental Engineering) explores the feasibility of creating rainwater catchment systems for different types of buildings in Ras Beirut.
  • Kaddour, Afamia (2011)
    The Ras Beirut Well-Being Survey is the first detailed study of Ras Beirut and Ain Mreisseh since Hamra of Beirut was published in 1973. The survey examines the social and economic determinants of health and well-being.
  • Al-Sadi, Sara; Abou Zeid, Maya; Kaysi, Isam (2011)
  • Kaysi, Isam; Abou Zeid, Maya; Saliba, Robert; Myntti, Cynthia (2011)
    Presentation covering elements of neighborhood congestion studies, vision for Bliss Street, current conditions in the neighborhood, and recommendations for improving traffic flow.
  • Myntti, Cynthia (2011)
    Neighborhood Initiative prepared this report for the AUB President’s Housing Task Force. It summarizes what other universities offer in supports for housing rental and purchase.
  • Pelgrim, Richard (2011-02-08)
    The Neighborhood Initiative supported Hamra Modern, an exhibition by Richard Pelgrim, third-year architecture student at AUB. The exhibition, based on coursework done in the ARCH020 'Beirut Modern' elective with Professor ...
  • Harb, Mona (2012)
    Students in this urban planning class recommend new projects for the Neighborhood Initiative to consider.
  • Abou Zeid, Maya; Kaysi, Isam (2013)
    The American University of Beirut (AUB), an urban campus in the city center of Beirut, Lebanon, is seeking solutions to parking and congestion problems in its neighborhood. However, documented Transportation Demand Management ...
  • Abou Zeid, Maya; Kaysi, Isam (2013)
    This study analyzes a travel survey conducted by the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at AUB in 2013. The survey collected data on students’ travel patterns, their potential use of a shared-ride taxi ...
  • Saikali, Maya (2013)
    As part of the graphic design course (GD203) 'Design in the Community', in Spring 2013, students were asked to create a map of a Ras Beirut Street, in this case Jeanne d'Arc, based on a particular interest they would map. ...
  • Khechen, Mona; Saliba, Robert (2014)
    The aim of this course is to build on students’ knowledge and skills in improving the quality of the physical urban environment and reinforcing the identity of place through design interventions. Sector 35 in Ras Beirut ...
  • Neighborhood Initiative; Sarkissian, Karine (2014-12-05)
    A neighborhood map project: GIS enabled map and booklet.
  • Abou Zeid, Maya; Kaysi, Isam (2015)
  • Abou Zeid, Maya; Kaysi, Isam (2015)
    In light of the numerous benefits of increased walkability, which is commonly defined as the extent to which the built environment encourages conducting walking trips, an increasing number of research efforts have been ...

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