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Mapping New Construction in Municipal Beirut (2000-2013)

Show simple item record Gebara, Hayat Neighborhood Initiative Marot, Bruno 2016-06-02T08:51:29Z 2016-06-02T08:51:29Z 2015
dc.description.abstract This database was created as part of the “Gentrification and Neighborhood Change” collaborative research project between the London School of Economics and the AUB Neighborhood Initiative (2014-2015). The database maps the new construction and buildings permits issued in municipal Beirut between 2000 and 2013. This database is a tool of multi-level spatial analysis. It is a compilation of the various GIS (Geographic Information Systems) layers that were created or obtained as part of the research which includes the obtained and updated base maps (Beirut parcels, buildings, topography...) and the new created layers (New projects, Biggest projects, Cadastral zoning). It also includes geo-referenced satellite and cadastral maps of Beirut that were used for the updating and creation of data.
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.subject Urban Change, New Construction, Construction permits, Gentrification, Real estate, Mapping, GIS, Beirut
dc.title Mapping New Construction in Municipal Beirut (2000-2013)
dc.type Map
dc.rights.holder Please contact the AUB Neighborhood Initiative for inquiries about the database, email:

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