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  • Blaik, Omar (2007)
    This report summarizes the recommendations of Omar Blaik, consultant to the Neighborhood Initiative in 2008, for promoting affordable housing in Ras Beirut.
  • Neighborhood Initiative (2007)
    Maps that document the types of businesses that operate in the area immediately south of AUB, and the number of establishments that were closed.
  • Abdelsater-Abusamra, Nada (2008)
    This study provides preliminary legal analysis of the structures and mechanisms available in Lebanon to protect the affordability of housing in perpetuity. They include: the waqf, servitudes, shifa’a pre-emption right, ...
  • Neighborhood Initiative (2008)
  • Neighborhood Initiative (2008)
    AUB is one of Beirut’s largest private employers. This 2008 report quantifies AUB’s economic contributions to the city.
  • Haluk Koksal, Mehmet (2008)
    This on-line survey of faculty and staff examined current and preferred housing characteristics.
  • Neighborhood Initiative; Al Naghi, Hani (2010)
    A compilation of the various GIS (Geographic Information Systems) layers that were used in different studies conducted as part of the AUB Neighborhood Initiative program. Data has been gathered from research and students' work.
  • Myntti, Cynthia (2010)
    This Neighborhood Initiative report examines the problem of the lack of affordable housing near AUB, and recommends measures to address the problem.
  • Myntti, Cynthia (2011)
    Neighborhood Initiative prepared this report for the AUB President’s Housing Task Force. It summarizes what other universities offer in supports for housing rental and purchase.
  • Khechen, Mona; Saliba, Robert (2014)
    The aim of this course is to build on students’ knowledge and skills in improving the quality of the physical urban environment and reinforcing the identity of place through design interventions. Sector 35 in Ras Beirut ...
  • Neighborhood Initiative; Sarkissian, Karine (2014-12-05)
    A neighborhood map project: GIS enabled map and booklet.
  • Gebara, Hayat; Neighborhood Initiative; Marot, Bruno (2015)
    This database was created as part of the “Gentrification and Neighborhood Change” collaborative research project between the London School of Economics and the AUB Neighborhood Initiative (2014-2015). The database maps the ...
  • Neighborhood Initiative (2015)
    Analytical maps presented as part of the AUB case study for the symposium in Cairo on universities and their neighborhoods, November 2015
  • Thing, Elise; Cardoso, Bruno (Neighborhood Initiative, 2015)
    In an effort to document urban change in Ras Beirut, this project digitized maps and photographs from research done by Danish geographer Per Kongstad and Lebanese sociologist Samir Khalaf in Ras Beirut in the 1960s. ...
  • Neighborhood Initiative (2015)
    The Neighborhood Initiative collaborated with the Development Planning Unit at The Bartlett, University College London and the Design Department at ALBA, to present Beirut – Imagining Bliss workshop. The workshop participants ...
  • Saliba, Robert
    The course assessed the existing conditions of the Bliss area and accordingly students came up with an urban design strategy that addresses its vanishing cosmopolitan identity, while improving the quality of its streets ...

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