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  • El Saghir N.S.; Elhajj I.I.; Geara F.B.; Hourani M.H. (LONDONMIDDLESEX HOUSE, 34-42 CLEVELAND ST, LONDON W1T 4LB, ENGLAND, 2005)
    Background: Cancer patients may harbor micrometastases that remain dormant, clinically undetectable during a variable period of time. A traumatic event or surgery may trigger the balance towards tumor growth as a result ...
  • El Saghir N.S.; Khalil M.K.; Eid T.; El Kinge A.R.; Charafeddine M.; Geara F.; Seoud M.; Shamseddine A.I. (, 2007)
    Background: Registries and research on breast cancer in Arabic and developing countries are limited. Methods: We searched PubMed, Medline, WHO and IAEA publications, national, regional, hospital tumor registries and ...
  • Hamdan A.-L.; Geara F.; Rameh C.; Husseini S.T.; Eid T.; Fuleihan N. (NEW YORK233 SPRING ST, NEW YORK, NY 10013 USA, 2009)
    To investigate vocal changes in patients following the neck irradiation for non-laryngeal tumors sparing the glottic region. Fifteen patients were enrolled for the study. Phonatory effort and voice evaluation were reported. ...

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