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  • Kazarian, Shahe S. (FAS-AUB, )
    This publication describes the history and the development of academic psychology at the American University of Beirut from the nineteenth century to the beginnings of the early twenty-first century.
  • Kazarian, Shahe S. (FAS-AUB, )
    There is a paucity of writings on the history of the discipline of psychology in Lebanon. To fill this void, a group of fifteen prominent academics and professionals in Lebanon was contacted between 2002 and 2007 to solicit ...
    Affective behavior is a crucial ingredient for appropriate, sustainable social interactions. People with autism have deficits in social interaction that are apparent in nonverbal behavior. Few studies have applied behavioral ...
  • Song I.; Marsh N.V. (PISCATAWAY445 HOES LANE, PISCATAWAY, NJ 08855-4141 USA, 2012)
    A health social network is an online information service which facilitates information sharing between closely related members of a community with the same or a similar health condition. Over the years, many automated ...
  • Kazarian, Shahe S.; Roberts, John A.; Boyington, Darion (Edmond Montgomery Publications, )
  • Kazarian, Shahe S.; Roberts, John A. (Edmond Montgomery Publications, )
    Diversity and First Nations Issues in Canada is the second edition of a textbook developed for Police Foundations-Law and Security courses by Emond Montgomery Publications. The goal of the authors was to provide instructors ...
  • Kazarian, Shahe S.; Aulakh, Harpreet; Boyington, Darion (Edmond, )
    Diversity and Indigenous Peoples in Canada, 3rd Edition is an update to Diversity and First Nations Issues in Canada, 2nd Edition. This newly titled version offers a concise and comprehensive look at the interactions between ...
  • Kazarian, Shahe S. (Edmond Montgomery Publications, )
  • Kazarian, Shahe S.; Crichlow, Wesley; Bradford, Simon (Edmond Montgomery Publications, )
  • Trad C.; Hajj H.; El-Hajj W.; Al-Jamil F. (, 2012)
    Facial expression recognition has been an active research topic for many years, with Facial Action Coding Systems (FACS) being among the widely used methods. FACS is a well-established scheme in psychology to annotate ...
  • Kazarian, Shahe S.; Evans, David R. (Academic Press, )
  • Awed J.; Elhajj I.H.; Slobodenyuk N. (, 2012)
    Haptic systems are used increasingly in various applications. The effectiveness of such systems depends greatly on the human perceptual characteristics, and the nature of the application being implemented (precision needed, ...
  • Dietrich, Arne (Palgrave Macmillan, )
    How Creativity Happens In The Brain is about the brain mechanisms of creativity—how a grapefruit-sized heap of meat crackling with electricity manages to be so outrageously creative. The book has a sharp focus, aimed at ...
  • Dietrich, Arne (Palgrave Macmillan, )
    This book is ideal for students looking for an introductory overview of the subject. It particularly focuses on the scientific evidence that has excited the field but also offers a balanced view and careful analysis of the ...
  • Kazarian, Shahe S. (Emond Montgomery Publications, )
  • Kazarian, Shahe S.; Boisvert, Micheal J. (Emond Montgomery Publications, )
  • Kazarian, Shahe S.; Kazarian, L. Z. (Author, )
    A touching novel that brings to life the dynamic and transformative culture and humanity of an ancient people in parallel with the heartfelt story of the developmental years of the hero in the exotic Lebanon and multicultural ...
  • Kazarian, Shahe S. (Cadmus Project, )
  • Hariz N.; Bawab S.; Atwi M.; Tavitian L.; Zeinoun P.; Khani M.; Birmaher B.; Nahas Z.; Maalouf F.T. (CLAREELSEVIER HOUSE, BROOKVALE PLAZA, EAST PARK SHANNON, CO, CLARE, 00000, IRELAND, 2013)
    This study aimed at investigating the reliability and validity of the Arabic Screen for Child Anxiety Related Emotional Disorders (SCARED) as a first child and adolescent anxiety screening tool in the Arab World. The English ...
  • Sharara-Chami R.; Taher S.; Kaddoum R.; Tamim H.; Charafeddine L. (American University of Beirut;, 2014)
    Background: Airway management and endotracheal intubation are essential skills for pediatric residents. Simulation-based technology is used for training residents but it remains unclear whether high fidelity simulation ...

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