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  • Arbid, George; Assi, Naji; Kanaan, Joy; Nasrallah, Maha (2005)
    In the summer of 2005, the course investigated 1950s and 60s apartment buildings in Ras Beirut. The drawings presented here are accompanied by analytical reports transcending the individual buildings to cover the urban ...
  • Neighborhood Initiative (2007)
    The supply of parking spots in the neighborhood is always in flux. The parking capacity survey provides a snap shot from 2007, including basic information about the parking lots and garages, capacity and turnover.
  • Kaysi, Isam; Al-Naghi, Hani; Myntti, Cynthia (2007)
    The study investigates the modes of travel of students at the American University of Beirut in 2007.
  • Daher, Rami; Jabr, Abdul-Halim (2007)
    When we organized the studio beginning of 2007 we were motivated by our fascination for Hamra’s vigor and diversity, coupled with fear that this might be eroded by looming real estate speculation. Hence, the Studio is ...
  • Neighborhood Initiative (2007)
    This survey, conducted in 2007 by the Neighborhood Initiative and the Office of the Registrar, answers the questions: where to AUB students live and how do they get to campus?
  • Saliba, Robert (2007)
    The Bliss Area adjoining the southern edge of AUB campus is a vibrant commercial, entertainment and residential hub highly valued by university faculty and the city inhabitants at large. It has been overtaken in the last ...
  • Neighborhood Initiative; Office of Student Affairs; Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (2007)
    This survey, conducted in 2007 by the Neighborhood Initiative and the Office of Student Affairs, answers the question: where do students spend their money (in the neighborhood, or elsewhere)?
  • El Aris, Balsam; Shebli, Rabih (2008)
    Hamra is one of Beirut’s most dense urban settings: a district where commerce, residence, education, and services come together to form a hybrid context that is charged with the dynamics of movement and change. However, a ...
  • Makhzoumi, Jala (2008)
    The project explores landscape design approaches to improve the visual and environmental quality of AUB’s neighborhood.
  • Nasrallah, Maha; Chmaitelly, Hala; Kossaifi, Gressy; Sharara, Massa (2008)
    Taking the Master Plan of AUB as their guideline, the students were asked to work on the AUB fences and gates along Bliss Street. The aim of this project was to observe and analyze the two sides of the fence, constantly ...
  • Chaaban, Jad (2008)
    This study examines the problem of litter along and below Beirut’s seaside Corniche.
  • Arbid, George; Assi, Naji; Weltzien, Julie (2008)
    These projects were prepared by students as their final year projects for their Architecture and Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management degrees.
  • Shebli, Rabih; Chmaitelly, Hala (2010)
    Recognizing that the AUB Campus is blocked from its surrounding neighborhood, students were asked to come up with creative ways to overcome this separation and to increase interaction between AUB and its neighbors. Students ...
  • Abou Zeid, Maya; Kaysi, Isam (2010)
    As part of the Neighborhood Initiative Congestion Studies, a travel survey was conducted in 2010 to understand the travel patterns of students and employees, including the commute (daily travel) to AUB and the daytime walking ...
  • Abou Zeid, Maya; Kaysi, Isam (2010)
    This study is conducted by faculty and students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the American University of Beirut. They collected data about trips made to various businesses in the Hamra area ...
  • Kaysi, Isam; Abou Zeid, Maya; Saliba, Robert; Myntti, Cynthia (2011)
    Presentation covering elements of neighborhood congestion studies, vision for Bliss Street, current conditions in the neighborhood, and recommendations for improving traffic flow.
  • El-Fadel, Mutassim (2011)
    This student research (Final Year Project, Civil and Environmental Engineering) explores the feasibility of creating rainwater catchment systems for different types of buildings in Ras Beirut.
  • Al-Sadi, Sara; Abou Zeid, Maya; Kaysi, Isam (2011)
  • Pelgrim, Richard (2011-02-08)
    The Neighborhood Initiative supported Hamra Modern, an exhibition by Richard Pelgrim, third-year architecture student at AUB. The exhibition, based on coursework done in the ARCH020 'Beirut Modern' elective with Professor ...
  • Harb, Mona (2012)
    Students in this urban planning class recommend new projects for the Neighborhood Initiative to consider.

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